Responsible and enjoyable dog walking in Dunbar

Dunbar is a great place to walk your dog; there are many open spaces as well

as wonderful paths and scenery. Walking the dog is good for both your physical and mental health, providing a great deal of pleasure for you and your pet. However, you do have a number of responsibilities as a dog owner, you must keep your dog under control, particularly around animals and people, and you must clean up after your dog and ensure that they are wormed regularly to prevent the spread of disease

What We Can All Do

Dog Owners and Dog Walkers

By picking up dog mess immediately, you can help reduce the risk of contamination and infection.

Keep a supply of bags in your pocket.

Find out where the nearest dog bins are on your journey . If there aren’t enough, lobby the Council to provide more.

Remember, picking up dog fouling in a bag and then leaving the bag lying around is still an offence.)

Make sure that you worm your dog or puppy regularly. Worming tablets are cheap and easily available.

Dunbar is a beautiful part of East Lothian and here are some guidelines to help keep it beautiful and dog friendly.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

You now have the right to be on most land for recreation providing you act responsibly (as set out in the Scottish Access Code). When walking in the countryside, the main rules for dog walking are:

Don’t take your dog into a field where there are lambs, calves or other young animals. Instead, go into a neighbouring field or land next to it, and keep your dog on a short lead.

Don’t take your dog into a field of vegetables and fruit (unless you are on a clear path).

Keep your dog on a short lead or under close control in fields where there are farm animals. Where possible, choose an alternative route, cows and horses in particular can be frightened by dogs and may react aggressively. If this happens, keep calm, let the dog go and take the shortest, safest route out of the field.

During the bird breeding season (usually April to July); keep your dog under close control or on a short lead in areas such as moorland, forests, grassland, loch and sea shores.

Pick up and remove your dog’s faeces.

Some reservoirs and streams are used for public water supply. If there are intakes nearby, keep your dog out of the water.

In recreation areas and other public spaces, avoid causing concern to others by keeping your dog under close control.

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